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Cloudwave is an experience-centered lighthearted VR rhythm game build for Oculus Quest. The gameplay is a hybrid of dance dance revolution with beat saber.

Musical notes are procedurally generated from the speakers by analyzing the track using fast fourier transform. The buildings in the game are also procedurally generated.

Project lead: Paul Leelaviwatana

Programmers: Steven Duran, Anthony Pallitto, Paul Leelaviwatana

3D Modeler: Lauren Douma

Audio Design: Amy Hori


Installation instructions for Windows/Oculus users:

1. Download "Build.apk" file.

2. Plug in your Oculus headset.

3. In your Oculus data folder, create a folder named "Cloudwave".

4. Transfer the .apk file to "Cloudwave" folder.

5. Open the Oculus app on your mobile device and go to Settings.

6. Select your Oculus headset and select "More Settings".

7. Select "Developer Mode" and enable developer mode.

8. Put on your headset and open Cloudwave in "Unknown Sources".


Thank you for trying Cloudwave!

Feedback: apaulture@gmail.com


Cloudwave 63 MB

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